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"Planted in Living Water" | Mixed Media Painting | Andrea Walford

Today I thought I would share with you a mixed media process video for one of my faith-based paintings on paper.

This piece is called “Planted in Living Water” and it’s part of my Artsy Faith collection of artwork.

It’s based on Psalm 1:3 and it’s intended to be an encouragement and a reminder that the Lord will richly bless those that delight in Him and delight in following His ways.

I am planning on making this piece available as a print – soon(ish) – once I am finished working on this series.

Now when I started, I hadn’t actually planned on creating a series, it just happens that I am quite in love with this painting – the colors & the overall look and feel. So, I decided it might be fun to keep working with these supplies and techniques and see how many more I can create before I’m feeling like I need a change.

I think that one of the things (among many) that I love about this piece is that kind of rustic, hand-made feel which it gets from the gorgeous rough, grainy texture and deckled edge of the paper.

The paper I used was a 9″ x 12″ piece of Shizen Handmade watercolour paper.

I bought this paper years ago, after being introduced to it, in an in-person workshop with Dina Wakley at Donna Downey Studio’s.

Of course, I did what I usually do, which is hoard the paper until I decided that the time had come to actually USE it (*gasp*)

Can I say I’m in LOVE with it?

So much so, that I am planning on ordering two more full packages of 25 sheets just so I don’t chance running out!

The other thing that I do want to mention, as I don’t specifically show it in the video, is that I gessoed the paper.

I have an enormous jug of Claudine Hellmuth Gesso (produced by Ranger, but no longer sold under that brand name), so I slathered it on with a 1″ flat brush very liberally, and then let it dry overnight.

Okay, one last commentary about the video.

You may notice that I have been posting two different types of videos on my site – PROCESS videos and video TUTORIALS.

What’s the difference?

A video tutorial is a teaching-video.  I talk you through everything I am doing, step-by-step.  Sometimes in real-time, sometimes fast-forwarded (depending on how long the artwork takes to make).

My process videos (either a mixed media process video or an art journaling process video) – shows you the exact step-by-step process I followed to create a certain piece of artwork – always in fast forward, and set to music – so they are NOT narrated. In other words, I don’t specifically talk about what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and what I’m using as I do in my video tutorials. It’s all there to see, but I don’t specifically “teach” what I’m doing.

Why have two different kinds of video?

It mainly depends on how complicated or time-consuming my art-piece is to create.

If it takes multiple hours to create, it doesn’t make sense to talk through it step-by-step as that makes for an enormously long video.

A long “talk-through” and “teach-through” video is more suited to an online classroom.

Because my art journal pages typically tend to be faster to create, those are much easier to teach-through.

So there you have it.

And now….on to the mixed media process video.

If you don’t immediately see the video player below, please refresh your screen.


  • Paper: 9″ x 12″ Handmade Watercolor Paper (Shizen)
  • Mediums: Gesso, Soft Matte Gel Medium (Golden)
  • Paint & Color Mediums: Black Heavy Body Acrylic Paint (Dina Wakley Media); Titanium White, Quinacridone Rose, Turquoise Green, Yellowish Green Standard Series Acrylic Pint (Amsterdam); Neon Pink Fluorescent Paint Pen 1mm (Molotow); Bombay Black India Ink (Dr. Ph Martin); Cobalt Green 156 PITT Big Brush Pen, Margarita Mix Gelato (Faber-Castell);
  • Stamps: Oh So Eclectic (Stampin’ Up!)
  • Papers: discontinued patterned paper (Stampin’ Up!)
  • Tools: Palette Knife

If you have any questions about any of the products I used, or the techniques, please leave me a question in the comments section of this post, and then either check back, or subscribe to the comments so you know when I’ve replied.

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