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As a Christian mixed media artist, I love looking for ways to connect my faith to my art, and my art to my faith.

Which is why I’m really excited to give you a peek into a new project that I’ve started working on, which I’m calling the Prayer Box Project.

I strongly believe in the power of prayer, and I have been trying to make prayer a bigger part of my life.

While I have been faithfully praying for my husband and my children every morning, prayer is still not as consistent a part of my every day life as I would like it to be.

As much as I try to pray about pretty much everything, and talk to God as I go about my day….

There have been many days where I have fallen into bed and realized that I barely said a word to God all day.

Then of course there are are those days when I’ll suddenly remember that I had been planning on praying for something….only I forgot…..

Or I promised to pray for someone,….and completely forgot…..

Or even worse, someone will thank me for praying for them….only I didn’t (even though I said I would), because I forgot.

That’s where the Prayer Box comes in.

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. ~ I Thessalonians 5:16-18 (ESV)

It’s purpose is to help me develop a deeper and more consistent prayer life.

It will be a place for me to keep track of my prayers.

And just as importantly, it will be a place to document answered prayers.

Which is a biggie.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes It’s way too easy to get hung up on unanswered prayers, and forget about how faithful the Lord has been to me, and how many of my prayers He HAS answered.


For my prayer box, I altered a card tin that I got from Stampin’ Up! as a free reward during their recent annual SALE-A-BRATION event, where you get a free item for every $60 of product you order.

The tin is about 5 1/2″ high x 4″ deep x 6 3/4″ wide.

Here is what it originally looked like:

SAB Card Tin 2017 Stampin' Up!

I sanded off the color around the top edge of the tin itself, and I roughed up the rest of the tin with sandpaper so that I could then collage and paint on it.

I collaged tissue paper for the base, painted it with 3 different colors of paint, did a little stamping and stencilling and then embellished it with stickers, washi tape and prima crystals.

On one side using stickers I put the phrase “Lord hear my prayer” and on the other side, “my prayer box.”

Unfortunately, the tin itself is no longer available, and I’m not sure where you could buy one like it.

However, you could easily make a prayer box out of a recipe box, a wooden, paper mache or even a cardboard box. All you would have to do is size your prayer cards accordingly.

As of yet I haven’t created any prayer cards, but I’ll be sure to share once I do!

I hope this project inspires YOU to look for ways to get creative about your faith!

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