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Well, I’m STILL working on my Falling Flowers online class – it’s been a super intense few weeks of creating, filming and then video editing with voice overs.  In all, I’ve created about 20 cards with the Falling Flowers stamp set – most of which will be for the class. Now unlike the classes I used to do, once this class is up, ALL the content will be ready and available in the classroom. Which means as soon as you sign up, you’ll be able to see all the projects. So if you like to binge watch, I have you covered!

So far I have about 5 different cards using the Falling Flowers stamp set that are allocated for my blog, Facebook and my newsletter subscribers. Now because I don’t like to be posting the exact same content everywhere, I would encourage you to follow me on my various social media channels so you don’t miss a thing. Right now I’ve been working on posting to my Create with Andrea Facebook page consistently (a few times a week), but soon I’ll be working Instagram and Pinterest into my regular social media schedule.

Now I know not all of you are on all those social media channels, nor may you want to be, and that is totally okay.  Just be sure that you are signed up for my e-Newsletter list, because I’ve been busy planning content & benefits that will be EXCLUSIVE to my newsletter subscribers. So even if ALL you ever sign up for is my newsletter, you’ll still be getting exclusive content.  I am not one of those people that is in your inbox everyday or almost everyday. For the most part, you can expect to hear from me about once a week or once every other week, unless there is something extra special going on of course!

You know, I was offline for so long that I completely forgot how time consuming it all is. Not so much the creating part – but everything else that goes along with having an online business.  If you’re not showing up online, then you don’t have a business right? So it’s been a matter of trying to balance creating with all the other business-y stuff.

Soooooo, while I’m still getting all that other “stuff” sorted out, I’ve been pulling some of my favourite projects “out of the archives” so to speak. So these are cards that I have never publicly and freely posted.  This is part of the same series as the last two card I posted on my blog, and as I mentioned in my last post, these are some of my all-time favourite projects.

You can watch the video below (please refresh the page if you don’t see the video player):

Download a PDF Handout

Do you prefer to have some printed instructions by your side while you create? Click the button below to download the PDF handout for this project. The PDF includes a full supply list, dimensions of all CS & paper pieces used, as well as step-by-step instructions. ETA: PDF Handout no longer available.

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