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Video Tutorial | "Trust" Art Journal Page by Andrea Walford

Do you trust your intuition?

As an artist, yet one who is completely and utterly Classic Type A, every time I sit down to create, I often feel that there is a battle constantly being waged.

A battle between my heart and my mind.

Between that part of me that seeks to create simply for the joy of creating and the joy of connecting at a deeper level with myself and with the Lord through my art……

and the part of me that questions every step, and every process…..

and….wants to control every outcome……


Need for control. Perfectionism. Fear of Failure.

My constant companions…..

…..and some of my worst enemies.

There is a constant dialogue going on in my head….

“Why on earth did you do that?”

“You should have just left it alone”

“Well that’s ugly!”

“So now what are you going to do?”

And of course, as you can see, more often than not it’s negative.

Which is why, each and every time, I have to shut down those thoughts by reminding myself….

“There are no mistakes in art.”

“If you hate it, just paint over it.”

“Follow your heart.”

“Trust your intuition”

Over time, what I have learned, is that if I let my head take the lead in the creative process, I WILL hate what I create.


Every single time I let go, and trust my intuition, I end up creating something I love.

Every. single. time.

Creativity should never be about the outcome.

Your creativity is a gift… that should be freely shared…

…….for in that sharing, not only do you honor the Lord, you bless others…and bless yourself.

I hope today’s video tutorial encourages you to talk back to your inner doubter and simply allow yourself to enjoy your creative blessings.

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