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Have you ever noticed that things don’t ever seem to go the way you plan?

I guess that’s why they say “life is what happens when you are busy making other plans”

Well this summer definitely lived up to that saying!

As many of you know I had surgery on June 2nd. It was my first surgery ever, and as far as surgeries go, I think it went quite well. I seemed to recover fairly quickly – at least enough that I was occasionally able to sneak down to my studio and create, post to my blog and send out email updates to you guys – all while my husband wasn’t paying attention LOL – because, you know, you’re actually supposed to rest after a surgery (how ’bout that?)

On July 16th I had a second surgery. That one was a pretty major one, but I didn’t really think twice about it. I consider myself to be a FIERCE chick – so I expected to spring back just as quickly as I did with my first surgery and be back in my studio in no time.

It didn’t quite work out that way. I ended up being down for the count for pretty much the rest of the summer. I’ll be honest with you – recovery was pretty awful.  I spent most of the first week in bed. The second week alternated between bed and our back deck. By the third week I spent most of my days sitting on our outdoor couch on the back deck. By week 4 I was finally able to get out and about – my husband went for a walk almost every night. We started with a 15 minute walk – and then every day it got a bit longer until by the end of the week I was able to walk for an hour or so a day.

When Week 5 rolled around I was ready to try something more.  My husband took 2 weeks off, so we did a couple of day trips into Toronto with the kids and the rest of that week was pretty low key – recuperating from the exertion.

Week 6 was camping week.  Yep! We had scheduled that one awhile ago – when I assumed that I would be perfectly fine by then.  I was so tempted to cancel, but the kids were SO excited about camping that I just couldn’t disappoint them.

We spent 3 days camping at Arrowhead Lake Provincial Park (a 3 hour drive away). I was so nervous about going – how I would handle the work, whether I’d do okay sleeping on an air mattress, etc.

Thank heavens for our three oldest kids – 12, 15 and almost 17 – they and my husband did most of the work.  I did what I could and was able to relax the rest of the time. I was also grateful for the air mattress – it actually wasn’t too bad.

Since then, things have been slowly getting better.

I made it back to the gym for the first time in 3 months this past Saturday, and went again this morning.

Although I went easy (for me) holy smokes am I sore! I wouldn’t exactly say I am back at 100% yet, but I am pretty close. I still get tired easily and I’m still sore where my incisions are.

I am officially “back to work” now.  While I have managed to keep up with email and do online work for a few hours each day, up until now I haven’t felt well enough to get back to my studio.

So…..this week will be the week! I am excited to get started creating again. Especially with Christmas around the corner – I already have my new products from the Holiday Mini Catalog and am ready to get going.

I know, I know – it’s only September, but this time of year I am always planning ahead!

You will likely be seeing my first post to this blog towards the end of this week.

So now I’d love to hear from you guys – did you create this summer? Have you started thinking about your Christmas cards yet?  If not, when do you usually start thinking about it/prepping?

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