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You Amaze Me Card - Andrea Walford

Thank you for all your wonderful comments on last week’s Let’s Make It Over post! As I mentioned in that post – taking a card and making over cards using all Stampin’ Up! products, used to be a popular feature on my original Sunny Stampin’ Blog – and one that I loved doing.  In reading all your comments, I was reminded of why.

As crafters, it’s so easy to get caught up in the frenzy of new product releases – we fall in love with the things we see and then feel as though we just have to have “such and such” a product(s) in order to create beautiful cards. I have certainly been very guilty of this (as the contents of my stamp room will attest). Which is why I try to challenge myself on a regular basis to look at ways I can use the products I already own to re-create card designs I love.

If you’re a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator or you are in the business of teaching others how to make cards (either online or through in-person classes) –  in addition to “supply pressure” there’s also “idea pressure. In fact, one of the comments I regularly hear from Stampin’ Up! demonstrators and card-making teachers is what a challenge it can be to continually come up with new ideas.

That’s why today I wanted to expand on last week’s Let’s Make it Over card by showing you how I used that card as a Creative Jumpstart for today’s card.

Why? Because with today’s card I wanted to demonstrate how one idea can become a springboard for many more ideas.

I’ve created a video tutorial for you where I walk you through my thought process on how last week’s made-over card inspired this week’s card, and then I demonstrate how I created this card step by step.

There are several different techniques featured in this card including how to create a gradient stamped image and how to create a dimensional die cut.

So did that get your creative juices flowing? Hopefully it inspired you to look at all the cards you’ve created and think of ways that you can adapt the design to come up with a whole new look.

I’d love to hear about what your creative jumpstarts are – or if this is a totally new way of looking at your cards I’d love to hear about that too!  Please leave me a comment in the comments section below this post.

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